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I’ve meant to do a more meaningful update recently, but things have been getting in the way, the way things generally tend to do. So you’ve got this post instead, which is a half-hearted, wishy-washy mix of complaining and squeezing.

1. I have terrible flu that is currently making me feel like a haggard, ninety-year-old woman. I was given it by a good friend of mine at a party. I would have preferred a nice bottle of whiskey, but what can you do, eh?

2. If anyone ever tries to tell me that the human body is the product of intelligent design, I have two words for them: wisdom teeth. The most pointless body part since the appendix. All they do is take up room in your mouth and give you grief. And my (annoyingly handsome) dentist won’t remove them because they’re not impacted or infected or anything. He’s a handsome, pretty sadist. I resent the fact that he only ever really gets to see my teeth. I have other good qualities.

Anyway, as a sickly, captive audience, I’ve been watching TV and doing little else.

3. I’ve been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (all the best Frenchmen have British accents). Why did I forget how much I love that show? Why? And what is it about the Star Trek programmes that makes it possible to ship pretty much anyone with anyone? Seriously, why are they all so ridiculously in love with each other?

4. Also, also, they’ve been showing Colditz on Yesterday, which I am totally enamoured of! There’s Doctor Watson, Illya Kuryakin and Raffles all in the same show...and on one occasion the second Doctor comes to visit as well; how could this be anything less than brilliant? It’s more than brilliant. And it’s got Nazis, obviously. People will watch anything if there are Nazi villains in it; this is TRUFAX.

5. On the ‘real world’ front, I’ve been watching the student tuition fees protests with pride. Nice to see our youth (LOL, as if I’m an old lady) standing up for something, rather than being apathetic about it (which is becoming increasingly common, I find). This whole thing has been a rather elegant own goal for the Lib Dems who have pissed off the only group of people that actually vote for them. *slow clap*

6. And in final news, it’s, like, almost Christmas (I know because Coca-Cola tells me so) and I’m just not ready for that yet. It’s so hard, with the buying presents and food and the general having to be merry stuff *whinge*

I do like Christmas, I just don’t like all the rubbish leading up to it. Like all the hype and the horrible adverts and people complaining about Christianity being pushed to the back. Dudes, you’ve been given, like, a WHOLE MONTH to celebrate the birth of the main guy in your religion, with songs and everything. Your religion is totally safe. Chill.

Bah, thinking about this and typing it all out has made my brain hurt. I’m going back to bed. *sniffles*

I hope the rest of you are healthy and virus free. :D
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Ashes to Ashes finished. I know it needed to be brought to a conclusion, it couldn’t go on forever but still I feel bereft. What am I going to do without it? I mean, it was a bit rough on my feminist side Gene Hunt...back seat of the Quattro...I think so, but I loved it so much. *sniffle*

Lost also finished. About bloody time. And on that note...what? I know I haven’t really been paying attention for like, a while now, but still...was it just me or did it answer practically nothing? I know a little ambiguity is intriguing (you’re talking to a fan of The Prisoner) but Bah. I may have to re-watch the whole thing from beginning to end when I have time.

I realised today that my Government, the ACTUAL one that runs my country RIGHT NOW, in my head goes a little like this:

David Cameron = Urquhart
George Osborne = Stamper
Nick Clegg = Sarah

Complete with weird triangular relationship and jealousy issues.

OMG people, I should not be thinking like this about important real life stuff! I blame [ profile] uk_lolitics. It is preventing me from taking this seriously. Plus the BBC keeps describing David Cameron and Nick Clegg as a couple! It’s driving me goddamn crazy! It makes me mad because I would love it if I didn’t dislike Cameron so very, very much. Cameron/Osborne all the way! (That way I dislike both the people in the ship equally).

I have been sort of fic writing. The thing is, we have the wedding of the century going on here at the moment (my friend would not have me describe it any other way), so I’ve been busy with real life...but this is good, happy real life so I’m down with that.

I bought some cowboy boots. They’re very sexy but, to paraphrase Bill Maher: ‘there are no cowboys, I’m wearing a costume!’

The weather has been very hot here. You know how bad we were during the cold weather? Well, we’re not very good in the heat either.

Beyond the fic prompts you guys gave me I also have more Star Trek fic in my head; an AU of This Side of Paradise where they actually stay on the planet with the HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE plant life and another, as yet directionless, S/Mc fic (which at the moment consists of random bits of smut that need shaping into some sort of story).

TL;DR? I get too emotionally invested in TV, I’m starting to view my country’s politics as a fandom, I have no style, and I’ve been writing porn.
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You've probably heard that Britain has gone Conservative...except that a bit of it is actually Liberal as well. No, we're not sure how that's gonna work either. We're new to this whole coalition malarkey.

David Cameron, our new *shudders* Prime Minister, is possibly a robot that Rupert Murdoch constructed in his basement and is currently being controlled by Margaret Thatcher.

Some have an alternate theory, that Margaret Thatcher is actually inside the robot and will burst out as soon as the Tories are totally settled.

I also suspect that Cameron made Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat...a party, not an insult) the Deputy PM just so he could seduce him. I think this will make George Osborne (the Chancellor and Cameron's boyfriend) very jealous. Methinks this will not end well.

I was gonna write a fill for a prompt over at the UK Politics meme about Evil Dictator!Cameron/Resistence Leader!Nick Clegg. It looks as if someone else is filling it. This is good, because I couldn't conceive of a Cameron with enough personality to be evil.

On a practically unrelated note, there's a Yes, Prime Minister play. I'm actually quite sick with excitement about that.

Completely unrelated, we were watching the Star Trek ep The City on the Edge of Forever. Liz dared me to run out into the road in the early hours of the morning and shout "KILLERS, ASSASSINS!" You wouldn't believe how sorely tempted I was to take her up on it. Not only would I get free booze but it would also annoy my neighbours, and that is a good enough excuse to do anything. Mind you, we had been drinking.

I want to write some fic. Any ideas? Fandoms? Pairings? Prompt me, darlings!
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Direct, concise and pictorial )

For those not interested in the damp little island at the end of the world, there may (or may not) be fic tomorrow. Probably over at the fic journal, if I have the courage to actually post it.

For those not interest in any of the above...well, sorry.

(House of Cards gets no love icon-wise today because I am so very, very angry with the Conservatives.)
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...while I wait for updates to load on my computer.

1. Plotty Holmes fic has returned to me. I've put a leash on the plot bunny so I can control it, rather than let it bounce around randomly. And when I say 'plot' I of course mean a bare plot with which to build the characters around, because actual full blown plots allude me when it comes to fanfiction. So it's less of a plot and more...a series of issues surrounding a particular storyline. *shrugs* I don't know, we'll see what it turns out like, shall we?

2. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop, so now I can abuse the Selective Colour adjustment like everyone else on livejournal. Magenta coloured people anyone?

3. Re: Nick Griffin on Question Time on Thursday (for the Brits only I should imagine, but it might be nice to hear about another country's wing nuts for a change). Yeah, so he came across as a skeevy, smarmy, know-nothing arse, didn't he? He also needs a history lesson. What was all that shit about indiginous Britons? Is he kidding me with that crap? I don't think there's been indiginous Britons for centuries, has there? This came on the heels of my discussing my patently Viking ancestry, not to mention the obvious French influence of the 'Kn' in my surname. I'm sure with my Aryan features Mr Griffin would have no qualms with my remaining in Britain, but I'm sure as hell not an indiginous Briton because none of us are.

It's a shame that the questions focused so much on the BNP, as I think by setting more general questions would have shown that beyond immigration and race-baiting, the BNP have nothing in the way of actual policies. Still though, with all the whinging he's done today I think he realises what a tit he came across as.

4. I made eight Cheburashka icons that I was quite proud of considering the poor quality of the caps I had to work with.

5. My laptop is definitely on the way out, which means, when it does finally conk out, no more screencapping from me until I get something else sorted. So make the most of the pic spams while you still can.

6. My icon: because I love obscure, old-skool Doctor Who villains! Obscure, old-skool Doctor Who villains FTW!

Okay, all finished now. I'm going to bed. Nighty night all.
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I don't like to get political here, 'cos I like all you guys too much to bring up such a contentious subject, but I'm getting a bit pissed off at the US Republican attacks on the NHS. It has it's problems and for some it has been a let down. You can debate the pros and cons all you like, I have no issue with that. This is what I have issues with:

Republican Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, said that the U.K. and Canada "don't have the appreciation of life as we do in our society, evidently."

Yeah, that's right. We don't care whether people live or die. We euthanize anyone over sixty who has a cold and disabled children are smothered at birth. Us "socialist" societies are barbarians! *rolls eyes*

I am utterly offended.

Anyway, I feel better for having said that. I'm gonna shelve the politics now, promise! :)

God bless Aneurin Bevan!
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Been busy...playing Sims 3 and engaging in other equally loser-y pursuits. I have finished uni and am loving the fact that I can doss about for a bit. Start some part-time office work soon though, just to tide me over until I get one of those proper job thingies.

Euro elections were a total mess! I have to admit to feeling a little bit mischievous when I went to vote...never a good sign. I didn't however throw my vote away on the British Nazi Party, sorry, British National Party (although technically nazi and national are the same word in different languages, but you get where I'm going with this).

This pic on AOL of BNP leader Nick Griffin cracked me up:

Could he look any more evil! What a brilliant pic that sums the man up entirely. Cackling evil racist!


Vile man. *shudders*

Yeah yeah, left wing reactionary blah blah blah. I can predict what the right are going to say so I'll be brief.

1. I've never hugged a tree, nor have I ever felt the need to.

2. I am not a vegetarian.

3. I think Stalin was a reprehensible character and I feel no affinity to him.

4. Just because I am left wing doesn't me I would go easy on Paedophiles or asylum seekers or prisoners in general.

5. Yes, I think if you have a lot of money you should taxed more than those who don't. That's called common sense.

Right, that's the last political post I'm gonna make for a while, because let's face it not many people really want to read them do they. In short, my country's being sold out to the right and no one seems to be bothered! Help!

ETA: Just saw this link that Charlie Brooker posted: No to the BNP

In other news, I've been watching a lot of classic comedy. Some very funny stuff there if you can sort through the more un-PC stuff and find it.


May. 19th, 2009 01:11 pm
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Just had a flier through my door from the British National Party. They claim that they say what I think.

You bloody well do not you foul, loud-mouthed, barely literate, ignorant, misguided, homophobic, bully-boy, racist scumbags.

The day that Britain becomes associated with your lot is the day I leave for good, probably along with the 80% of my friends that you will have deported anyway.

Feel free to spout your ill-informed nonsense, that's your right, but don't claim that you're saying what I'm thinking. Someone might actually believe you.

No love,

The lefty, tree-hugging, woolly-liberal-minded, Marxist/Trotskyist/Stalinist (delete as you feel appropriate), traitor who should fuck off to Russia if she doesn't like what you're saying (although I think you'll find that Russia's a democracy now, idiot).

Sorry for the rant. Those guys make me angry.
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Over a thousand words of my final dissertation chapter written! I will finish it even if it kills me...which would be pointless...unless they award me my degree posthumously... o_O

Did I mention that I needed sleep? Seriously, I haven't had a full night's sleep since October. It's very unlike me, I'm usually a very sound sleeper.

Anywho...oh yes, G20. Now I know that there are many political issues of the G20 that I should talk about but I have learned that friendships and political conversations very rarely mix, and this is especially true for internet friendships. I have a tendency to come across as a bit of gob-shite when I talk about politics online, mostly because when I'm at this computer you can't tell when I'm wearing my irony hat.

So instead I'm going to post this picture, which made some of us laugh when we saw it:


My friend said it looks as though Dmitry Medvedev stepped into that picture to convince the guys back home that he was one of the cool kids. Aww, don't worry Dmitry, if they're nasty to you then Vladimir will go and beat them up...once he's finished dancing to his Abba CDs.

XD Just kidding, I love those guys!

Yeah, I'm really bored at the moment.
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I watched the inauguration, which was actually good and not as waffly as political events tend to be.  Was it my imagination or was Aretha Franklin's song just God Save the Queen with different lyrics?  I was like, "isn't that our national anthem?"  Oh well.

I have an unhealthy relationship with politics, in that I love it and hate it in equal measures and despite the fact that it isn't good for me I'm drawn back like some political junkie.

That said, during my intensely crappy weekend I bought the Independent, which I do buy anyway on occassion, but this time it happened to contain the DVD of the Frost vs Nixon interviews which they've made that film about. It was good and informative (as I know very little about Watergate)and Nixon made me lol, but mostly I realised that I have a disturbing fetish for journalists (see also my Paxman obsession), and I spent the first ten minutes thinking "ooooh, young David Frost". I am just stupid.  Monumentally stupid. 

Anyway, no one is interested in this so I will stop talking now. I will also randomly post some pictures, because I'm in the mood for some python...


(with a melon!?)



(I love Michael)

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So I am actually up watching the election. "Dear Lord why?" I hear you ask. Well, if the Americans really are going to elect a black President then I want to see it. I want to say that I saw a landmark moment. Obama '08!

That said though, I am a little bit knackered.

Other news:

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I am in love *sigh*