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I've done a lot of waiting around today, which always drives me crazy.

If bored, make a LiveJournal post. I have nothing to declare but my geekery. This is a small sample of nerdy stuff in my nerdy life.

Apologies for my crappy camera work. A photographer I am not. )
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Today I was taking screencaps from The Thick of It (which, by the way, is about as easy as trying to thread a needle when drunk), when something caught my eye. Slightly relevent to (some of) our interests.

Cut because the image might appear bigger than I first thought and I don't want to mess up everyone's friend's page. )
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Well...sweet F.A. really, unless watching Star Trek has suddenly become a productive use of time. Oh well, what else is time off for if not for cocking about?

I did some fandom-y type things. I tried writing drabbles. Wow, am I really bad at that. I'm not good at capturing a moment in a few words. I'm a babbler, even when I'm writing.

I also realised the other day that despite the fact that most of my main 'ships have a doctor in them, I've never written a nice, fluffy illness fic. Feeling that this should be remedied I got going and started one. Yeah...fluff? Not my strong point. What's wrong with me, guys? I love reading fluffy fic but I can't write it to save my life.

This might have something to do with the fact that my 'ships are not chosen for their fluff value.

Icon may be slightly related.

I will persist though. If other people can do it, then I can too...surely. There is more to life than angsting and worrying.

I've also been pre-occupied with the General Election we've got going on here. I'm trying not to panic too much about the prospect of a Conservative Government. Or a hung Parliament. Basically I'm trying not to be irrational worried about the whole thing.

One more thing: I am, for a change, very excited about new Doctor Who. I likes this Matt Smith fellow!