mymetalphantom: (Lovely lovely Steel)
I’ve meant to do a more meaningful update recently, but things have been getting in the way, the way things generally tend to do. So you’ve got this post instead, which is a half-hearted, wishy-washy mix of complaining and squeezing.

1. I have terrible flu that is currently making me feel like a haggard, ninety-year-old woman. I was given it by a good friend of mine at a party. I would have preferred a nice bottle of whiskey, but what can you do, eh?

2. If anyone ever tries to tell me that the human body is the product of intelligent design, I have two words for them: wisdom teeth. The most pointless body part since the appendix. All they do is take up room in your mouth and give you grief. And my (annoyingly handsome) dentist won’t remove them because they’re not impacted or infected or anything. He’s a handsome, pretty sadist. I resent the fact that he only ever really gets to see my teeth. I have other good qualities.

Anyway, as a sickly, captive audience, I’ve been watching TV and doing little else.

3. I’ve been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (all the best Frenchmen have British accents). Why did I forget how much I love that show? Why? And what is it about the Star Trek programmes that makes it possible to ship pretty much anyone with anyone? Seriously, why are they all so ridiculously in love with each other?

4. Also, also, they’ve been showing Colditz on Yesterday, which I am totally enamoured of! There’s Doctor Watson, Illya Kuryakin and Raffles all in the same show...and on one occasion the second Doctor comes to visit as well; how could this be anything less than brilliant? It’s more than brilliant. And it’s got Nazis, obviously. People will watch anything if there are Nazi villains in it; this is TRUFAX.

5. On the ‘real world’ front, I’ve been watching the student tuition fees protests with pride. Nice to see our youth (LOL, as if I’m an old lady) standing up for something, rather than being apathetic about it (which is becoming increasingly common, I find). This whole thing has been a rather elegant own goal for the Lib Dems who have pissed off the only group of people that actually vote for them. *slow clap*

6. And in final news, it’s, like, almost Christmas (I know because Coca-Cola tells me so) and I’m just not ready for that yet. It’s so hard, with the buying presents and food and the general having to be merry stuff *whinge*

I do like Christmas, I just don’t like all the rubbish leading up to it. Like all the hype and the horrible adverts and people complaining about Christianity being pushed to the back. Dudes, you’ve been given, like, a WHOLE MONTH to celebrate the birth of the main guy in your religion, with songs and everything. Your religion is totally safe. Chill.

Bah, thinking about this and typing it all out has made my brain hurt. I’m going back to bed. *sniffles*

I hope the rest of you are healthy and virus free. :D