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Been busy...playing Sims 3 and engaging in other equally loser-y pursuits. I have finished uni and am loving the fact that I can doss about for a bit. Start some part-time office work soon though, just to tide me over until I get one of those proper job thingies.

Euro elections were a total mess! I have to admit to feeling a little bit mischievous when I went to vote...never a good sign. I didn't however throw my vote away on the British Nazi Party, sorry, British National Party (although technically nazi and national are the same word in different languages, but you get where I'm going with this).

This pic on AOL of BNP leader Nick Griffin cracked me up:

Could he look any more evil! What a brilliant pic that sums the man up entirely. Cackling evil racist!


Vile man. *shudders*

Yeah yeah, left wing reactionary blah blah blah. I can predict what the right are going to say so I'll be brief.

1. I've never hugged a tree, nor have I ever felt the need to.

2. I am not a vegetarian.

3. I think Stalin was a reprehensible character and I feel no affinity to him.

4. Just because I am left wing doesn't me I would go easy on Paedophiles or asylum seekers or prisoners in general.

5. Yes, I think if you have a lot of money you should taxed more than those who don't. That's called common sense.

Right, that's the last political post I'm gonna make for a while, because let's face it not many people really want to read them do they. In short, my country's being sold out to the right and no one seems to be bothered! Help!

ETA: Just saw this link that Charlie Brooker posted: No to the BNP

In other news, I've been watching a lot of classic comedy. Some very funny stuff there if you can sort through the more un-PC stuff and find it.
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...people have really been bringing the stupid.

Thought some fellow slash fans might find this rather amusing. Some guy who OMG, TOTALLY KNOWS WHY WOMEN WRITE SLASH!!!

Vry clevar acedemik!

Seriously, come back when you have gained more insight into the female mind and then we can talk. No love.

Sheesh, even Freud (the big, arrogant, know-it-all that he was) would rather admit that he could never fully understand women than make spurious claims like this guy does.

Still though, his ill informed, borderline misogyny made me chuckle.