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1. So the RBS Six Nations rugby has been eating my weekends. England look set to win. That would be extremely exciting if I wasn’t a Wales supporter. As it is, well...all I’m thinking is ‘at least it won’t be France’.

2. Other than that I’ve been watching more Star Trek: TNG. OMG I totally love it! I always have done, ever since I was a wee kiddie but I definitely love it even more now that I’m grown up enough to appreciate the awesome. I fear my love may eventually spill out into a squee post. As will the item in my next point...

3. I’ve also been watching Hammer films. I can’t get over how much pure joy I can get from watching Hammer films, but there it is. The Frankenstein series, when actually watched as a series, makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. I’m pretty sure Hammer invented retconning, because these films have a tendency to conveniently forget past plot points or just make random shit up when they need to. Also, Baron Frankenstein escapes almost-certain-death so many times that one begins to think he is part cat. And yet, despite this and the eventual silliness that Hammer devolved into in its later years, I completely love them! I need to add Hammer’s Frankenstein to my list of “villains I love more than I probably should”. He’s amazing in a really psychotic, sleazy, borderline sociopathic sort of way.

Also, Brides of Dracula is absolutely one of my most favouritest films ever!

4. I may have come up with A FIC PLOT. Before you faint, I should say it’s not really an involved, complex plot, but there is a story and it’s not just characters snarking talking nonsense to each other or just having sex...although there may be sex and snarking talking nonsense in there as well. I’ve written approximately 3500 words so far. But I’m afraid I’ve fallen into my previous bad habit of writing lots of angst. LOL. Well, I can’t have everything.

5. I have too many WIPs on my computer. I really should try to finish some of them.

6. Do you ever finish a film or book or TV show and get the urge to write fanfic of it, even though there would probably be no interest from anyone other than yourself? I get this all the time. I come up with a great idea for a fic about some obscure film or something, or at least something with no internet fandom, and I think, ‘who the hell would even read that?’ Sometimes I do write it down, just to get it out of my brain, but I think it’s slightly sad that only I would read it...especially since I hate reading my own stuff, so I probably wouldn't read it either.

7. On an unrelated note, all I need to do is buy a bookcase and I have finished decorating my living room. It’s taken me a ridiculously long time but I have my cool 60s theme going on. The only thing holding me back now is lack of funds. Alas.

8. My dentist continues to be handsome. This annoys me.

TL;DR I have too much time on my hands. Way, way too much time. And yet, I do nothing productive with it.

Fic Time

Jul. 3rd, 2010 07:15 pm
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It's funny how I get prompts and my imagination steers me in a completely different direction.

Anyway, I wrote a thing. It's silly but I kinda love the silliness.

Title: Fal-Tor-Pan or: How to Accidentally Get Married on Vulcan
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Rating: PG-13, probably.
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Summary: Spock and McCoy discover a strange side-effect to the fal-tor-pan. McCoy also discovers a secret that Spock has been keeping for a long time.
Author’s Note: I've been threatening to write this for about nine years :P

Over at my newly revamped fic journal!
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So I wanted to do a silly, lighthearted post.

I bring you Star Trek GIFs that I've stolen collected on my travels across the web. Purely for the lulz.

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Jun. 16th, 2010 06:51 pm
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I have spent a great deal of time over the past two days staring at my computer screen, but I've finally managed to find a LJ layout that I don't hate. Hooray! I hated the old layout, I could never see what I was typing in the comments boxes, boo! Plus, the colours were off so I couldn't see some text. So far so good with this layout though.

Then I decided while I was on a roll I'd revamp all of my other journals as well. It gave me a headache, but at least they all look pretty now.

I also finally managed to sort out all of my Star Trek icons. 102 of them to be precise *phew* (and those were just the ones that were any good). I just make icons when I have a spare few minutes between other things, then they build up and build up. I really do need to be more organised about this stuff.

Anyway, blithing much? My Star Trek icons can be located HERE and HERE

And that's it. Yes. Bye. :D
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You can tell can't you, that I'm wasting time? Yeah, but at least you get pretty pictures out of it.

This is my pic spam, going a little way to explaining why I have an almost unconditional love for Star Trek: The Original Series

There is an obvious bias (mainly focussed on the OT3) and I would apologise for it, but I'm not the least bit sorry. I am unashamed! XD

This is not the end of it, either...sorry.

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I know that nobody asked for this, but this story came to me in the wee small hours of the morning and wouldn't let me sleep till I'd written it down. I have, of course, edited it since then, because...well no one wants to read fic that was written at four in the morning, cos that's horrible.

Anywho, I think I'm getting better at writing fluffier stuff...even though the fluffy stuff comes after moments of angst.

Title: The Choices we Make
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy Friendship
Rating: Something for all the family...maybe.
Summary: Kirk has a much needed talk with McCoy in the aftermath of their encounter with the Vians.
Author's Note: Set after The Empath. An episode that I kinda love just a little bit, because it makes me wibble slightly.

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Okay, so I did finally get up the nerve to post it.

Due to frustration and election blues it really isn't the fluffy fic I wanted it to be. Maybe next time.

I've found that I love writing for Star Trek though!

Over at my oft neglected fanfiction journal.
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There was discussion of fluffy illness fic, remember? My first draft is done but it isn't what I wanted. I'm now beginning to angst over it, which makes the writing much less fluffy, which in turn causes more angst. I'm trapped in a big ol' vicious circle. I really need to learn not to be an uptight pain in the arse when it comes to writing, because in all other aspects of life I'm actually rather mellow and relaxed. XD

Do you also remember me talking about drabbles? I wrote some. They're Star Trek drabbles. I'm not sold on them as drabbles but I like the premise of some of them, so I might develop them later on when I have time. There were more, but these were the only ones I didn't completely hate. (I'm posting them basically because I have nothing left to do for the rest of the day XD)

S/Mc is SO MUCH FUN to write )