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So I’ve been almost completely absent from Livejournal recently; occasionally posting something inane, or commenting sporadically. I haven’t even been tweeting that much either.

This is mainly because I’ve been ill…in a kind of semi-serious, non-life-threatening sort of way. In turn, that brought up all sorts of emotional issues, most of which are so petty that I wouldn’t dream of boring you nice people with them. But it has made me shockingly self-absorbed.

So my life has been somewhat stationary. I’ve done little more than exist over the past few months.

Anyway. Better now…sort of. Not moping about and feeling sorry for myself anymore which is a good sign. I attended my best friend’s wedding on the 18th, which was amazing! She looked beautiful, it was wonderfully emotional, and they hired a band who did a Beatles tribute. I got to do my embarrassing dance to “Saw Her Standing There” in front of a room full of people…which made a nice change from simply doing it in my living room. Good day all round, even though I paid for it the next day…ouch!

So that’s me. Recovering. Looking on the bright-side.

Oh, also, this: Graham Linehan has written a Ladykillers stage play! And it stars Peter Capaldi! *flail*

Some stuff

Apr. 18th, 2011 08:49 pm
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1. Because I’m basically an idiot, I changed my email address for LJ when they were having all that comment notification trouble, then I promptly forgot that I had done it. If you wrote a comment to me and I haven’t replied...well, that’ll be why. *facepalm* I swear, I am clever sometimes.

2. I finally put the finishing touches to my 60s themed living room. Of course, the TV and computer don’t quite fit that theme but hey, whatever.

Pictures - just scroll past the link if you're not interested )

3. I finally found my college files on the back up of my old hard drive. In one file was the novel that I planned, researched, plotted and wrote three chapters of for my creative writing assignment. I should probably finish that, right? I could be sitting on a best selling novel! *hollow laughter*

4. I would quite like to write some fic, but I've run dry on ideas. Any suggestions?
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I’ve meant to do a more meaningful update recently, but things have been getting in the way, the way things generally tend to do. So you’ve got this post instead, which is a half-hearted, wishy-washy mix of complaining and squeezing.

1. I have terrible flu that is currently making me feel like a haggard, ninety-year-old woman. I was given it by a good friend of mine at a party. I would have preferred a nice bottle of whiskey, but what can you do, eh?

2. If anyone ever tries to tell me that the human body is the product of intelligent design, I have two words for them: wisdom teeth. The most pointless body part since the appendix. All they do is take up room in your mouth and give you grief. And my (annoyingly handsome) dentist won’t remove them because they’re not impacted or infected or anything. He’s a handsome, pretty sadist. I resent the fact that he only ever really gets to see my teeth. I have other good qualities.

Anyway, as a sickly, captive audience, I’ve been watching TV and doing little else.

3. I’ve been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (all the best Frenchmen have British accents). Why did I forget how much I love that show? Why? And what is it about the Star Trek programmes that makes it possible to ship pretty much anyone with anyone? Seriously, why are they all so ridiculously in love with each other?

4. Also, also, they’ve been showing Colditz on Yesterday, which I am totally enamoured of! There’s Doctor Watson, Illya Kuryakin and Raffles all in the same show...and on one occasion the second Doctor comes to visit as well; how could this be anything less than brilliant? It’s more than brilliant. And it’s got Nazis, obviously. People will watch anything if there are Nazi villains in it; this is TRUFAX.

5. On the ‘real world’ front, I’ve been watching the student tuition fees protests with pride. Nice to see our youth (LOL, as if I’m an old lady) standing up for something, rather than being apathetic about it (which is becoming increasingly common, I find). This whole thing has been a rather elegant own goal for the Lib Dems who have pissed off the only group of people that actually vote for them. *slow clap*

6. And in final news, it’s, like, almost Christmas (I know because Coca-Cola tells me so) and I’m just not ready for that yet. It’s so hard, with the buying presents and food and the general having to be merry stuff *whinge*

I do like Christmas, I just don’t like all the rubbish leading up to it. Like all the hype and the horrible adverts and people complaining about Christianity being pushed to the back. Dudes, you’ve been given, like, a WHOLE MONTH to celebrate the birth of the main guy in your religion, with songs and everything. Your religion is totally safe. Chill.

Bah, thinking about this and typing it all out has made my brain hurt. I’m going back to bed. *sniffles*

I hope the rest of you are healthy and virus free. :D
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Ashes to Ashes finished. I know it needed to be brought to a conclusion, it couldn’t go on forever but still I feel bereft. What am I going to do without it? I mean, it was a bit rough on my feminist side Gene Hunt...back seat of the Quattro...I think so, but I loved it so much. *sniffle*

Lost also finished. About bloody time. And on that note...what? I know I haven’t really been paying attention for like, a while now, but still...was it just me or did it answer practically nothing? I know a little ambiguity is intriguing (you’re talking to a fan of The Prisoner) but Bah. I may have to re-watch the whole thing from beginning to end when I have time.

I realised today that my Government, the ACTUAL one that runs my country RIGHT NOW, in my head goes a little like this:

David Cameron = Urquhart
George Osborne = Stamper
Nick Clegg = Sarah

Complete with weird triangular relationship and jealousy issues.

OMG people, I should not be thinking like this about important real life stuff! I blame [ profile] uk_lolitics. It is preventing me from taking this seriously. Plus the BBC keeps describing David Cameron and Nick Clegg as a couple! It’s driving me goddamn crazy! It makes me mad because I would love it if I didn’t dislike Cameron so very, very much. Cameron/Osborne all the way! (That way I dislike both the people in the ship equally).

I have been sort of fic writing. The thing is, we have the wedding of the century going on here at the moment (my friend would not have me describe it any other way), so I’ve been busy with real life...but this is good, happy real life so I’m down with that.

I bought some cowboy boots. They’re very sexy but, to paraphrase Bill Maher: ‘there are no cowboys, I’m wearing a costume!’

The weather has been very hot here. You know how bad we were during the cold weather? Well, we’re not very good in the heat either.

Beyond the fic prompts you guys gave me I also have more Star Trek fic in my head; an AU of This Side of Paradise where they actually stay on the planet with the HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE plant life and another, as yet directionless, S/Mc fic (which at the moment consists of random bits of smut that need shaping into some sort of story).

TL;DR? I get too emotionally invested in TV, I’m starting to view my country’s politics as a fandom, I have no style, and I’ve been writing porn.
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You've probably heard that Britain has gone Conservative...except that a bit of it is actually Liberal as well. No, we're not sure how that's gonna work either. We're new to this whole coalition malarkey.

David Cameron, our new *shudders* Prime Minister, is possibly a robot that Rupert Murdoch constructed in his basement and is currently being controlled by Margaret Thatcher.

Some have an alternate theory, that Margaret Thatcher is actually inside the robot and will burst out as soon as the Tories are totally settled.

I also suspect that Cameron made Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat...a party, not an insult) the Deputy PM just so he could seduce him. I think this will make George Osborne (the Chancellor and Cameron's boyfriend) very jealous. Methinks this will not end well.

I was gonna write a fill for a prompt over at the UK Politics meme about Evil Dictator!Cameron/Resistence Leader!Nick Clegg. It looks as if someone else is filling it. This is good, because I couldn't conceive of a Cameron with enough personality to be evil.

On a practically unrelated note, there's a Yes, Prime Minister play. I'm actually quite sick with excitement about that.

Completely unrelated, we were watching the Star Trek ep The City on the Edge of Forever. Liz dared me to run out into the road in the early hours of the morning and shout "KILLERS, ASSASSINS!" You wouldn't believe how sorely tempted I was to take her up on it. Not only would I get free booze but it would also annoy my neighbours, and that is a good enough excuse to do anything. Mind you, we had been drinking.

I want to write some fic. Any ideas? Fandoms? Pairings? Prompt me, darlings!
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Yes, I will be temporarily semi-withdrawing from LJ in order to get some boring life stuff done. I know me, if I'm left to my own devices I'll just end up spending my whole life hanging around here and doing nunk (that means 'nothing' by the way!) Therefore I'm imposing a temporary ban on myself. It has worked in the past.

I will try to keep up with you all, just so that I don't return then bombard you with comments on old posts, but I might be a bit slower than usual.

I can be reached by email or private message, should anything dramatic happen. I'm trusting you guys not to leave me out of the loop! Alternatively I may leave the odd tweet on twitter or may be found flitting about the interwebs in general.

Hopefully I'll return bearing gifts (beware of geeks bearing gifts!) but...well, you know me, so don't get your hopes up XD

Catch you all later, cats and kittens!
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...while I wait for updates to load on my computer.

1. Plotty Holmes fic has returned to me. I've put a leash on the plot bunny so I can control it, rather than let it bounce around randomly. And when I say 'plot' I of course mean a bare plot with which to build the characters around, because actual full blown plots allude me when it comes to fanfiction. So it's less of a plot and more...a series of issues surrounding a particular storyline. *shrugs* I don't know, we'll see what it turns out like, shall we?

2. I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop, so now I can abuse the Selective Colour adjustment like everyone else on livejournal. Magenta coloured people anyone?

3. Re: Nick Griffin on Question Time on Thursday (for the Brits only I should imagine, but it might be nice to hear about another country's wing nuts for a change). Yeah, so he came across as a skeevy, smarmy, know-nothing arse, didn't he? He also needs a history lesson. What was all that shit about indiginous Britons? Is he kidding me with that crap? I don't think there's been indiginous Britons for centuries, has there? This came on the heels of my discussing my patently Viking ancestry, not to mention the obvious French influence of the 'Kn' in my surname. I'm sure with my Aryan features Mr Griffin would have no qualms with my remaining in Britain, but I'm sure as hell not an indiginous Briton because none of us are.

It's a shame that the questions focused so much on the BNP, as I think by setting more general questions would have shown that beyond immigration and race-baiting, the BNP have nothing in the way of actual policies. Still though, with all the whinging he's done today I think he realises what a tit he came across as.

4. I made eight Cheburashka icons that I was quite proud of considering the poor quality of the caps I had to work with.

5. My laptop is definitely on the way out, which means, when it does finally conk out, no more screencapping from me until I get something else sorted. So make the most of the pic spams while you still can.

6. My icon: because I love obscure, old-skool Doctor Who villains! Obscure, old-skool Doctor Who villains FTW!

Okay, all finished now. I'm going to bed. Nighty night all.
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Well, I cracked on with the great dissertation today. I stress out but then when I actually sit down and GET ON WITH IT I realise that I know precisely where I'm going with it, so it's actually going well. Typing stuff up is not the hardest part of writing whacking great essays, it's just the most boring. My research and ideas are all formulated so it's just down to the boring stuff now.

Also, I was scrolling through my f'list, reading people's updates, trying to forget that I read a disturbing little piece about Trotsky's ashes, you know the usual. So I was scrolling down:

Me: Ooh, someone posted some Prisoner icons *clicks*...
...oh wait, that was me. *facepalm*

Dudes, I need some sleep! I have consumed far too much tea today. I'm starting to feel a little twitchy.

Quick Holmesian thought for the day. Re: shipping and sexuality.

Me: Of course all the people that have theorised and fanwanked about Holmes's sexuality/sexual practices have clearly forgotten to address the issue of the negative effect cocaine and tobacco has on the libido.
David:...Good point.

Two people in desperate need of a good night's sleep.


Mar. 20th, 2009 09:36 pm
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Today was quite brilliant!

One: It was reeeally sunny! Yay! It was still cold but oh, the sunshine!

Two: Cleary feeling in the sunny mood this old man (who I don't know) said good morning to me and winked. This was a rather brilliant display of friendliness to which I am unaccustomed.

Three: I was in the queue at Morrisons. The girl who I used to do drama with at college and who is now currently in Eastenders, was on the cover of one of the TV magazines. I never liked her. She never liked me. I find the whole situation hilarious.

Four: Whilst I was in the queue the man one person in front of me was talking on his handsfree mobile (cell phone). The old lady in front of me turned to me (because I'm one of those people that old people like to talk to for some reason):

Old Lady: Is he talking to himself?
Me: No, he has a handsfree set on his phone.
Old Lady: Oh o_O he looks insane!
Me: Yes, yes he does.

Five: I ate ice cream.

Six: All the magazines have The Apprentice on the front cover. The Apprentice starts very soon. For reasons I can't explain (because I don't know what the reasons are) I am remarkably fond of The Apprentice. I am rather excited about the new series.

Seven: I have become rather addicted to the BBC radio version of The Dying Detective. How creepy is Edward Petherbridge in that? I keep thinking 'nooo! you can't be're Lord Peter Wimsey!'

To cut a long story short (TOO LATE!) - today was a good day.


Mar. 10th, 2009 02:19 pm
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Some stuff:

1. I got v.annoyed over the Northern Ireland shootings. I try to keep the journal as light as possible but, seriously, there are no words for how much I DO NOT WANT Northern Ireland to all kick off again

2. In much lighter news, [ profile] casablancagirl pointed me in the direction of Yes, Minister fic. I HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE YES, MINISTER! (yes, caps were necessary). I mean, my journal title is one big reference to Yes, Minister *sigh*

And three guesses which of my favourite people is in Yes, Prime Minister. (Actually, I have a lot of favourite people so that might not be as easy as it sounds, but I do go on about him quite a bit).

3. When I first started learning Russian I thought it was a bit of a crazy language. Now, the more Russian I learn, the more English seems like the crazy language! Seriously, English is a very silly, overly complicated language.

4. I got a first on my Critical Approaches essay. It was about Dracula and Freudian analysis, so clearly I was always going to rock it. You know, being the big bundle of general neurosis that I am. No, I really am, that's why I can't write fluffy fics, why I can only write angst and cynicism. I will write fluff one day.

PS my icon is not a clue.
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I got given a Guinea Pig for my birthday (even though it isn't actually my birthday...hooray for early presents!) He is lovely and his name is Monty.

I made a front cover for my novel, ready to be handed in as part of my Creative Writing module.


I started reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Serious mind-fuckery going on there. I love it of course.

And yesterday I officially started learning Russian. Yay. I'm fed up of being terribly British and only knowing one language and expecting the rest of the world to understand me. The reason I'm learning Russian is that I mean to visit at some point when I have, you know, some money. It also ties in to the long standing, and I mean very long standing, fascination I have with Russia.

Other than those things, life isn't so good at the moment. Still though, I have wonderful people, online and offline to help me through.

P.S, you know, I agonise for ages over which of my fifteen icons to use in my posts. What a loser! I have no idea why I chose this one, other than because I love it.


Feb. 27th, 2009 11:14 pm
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Things I did since the last time I posted:

1.   I finished the first chapter of my dissertation. Did I mention that dissertation is a bitch? A delicious, horrible, time stealing, ever-so-addictive bitch! One down, two to go.

2.   I practised The Boxer on my guitar. I am not having much luck with that actually.

3.   I wrote the second chapter of my detective novel for the creative module. Did I mention I love detectives? I bet you didn't know that, did /sarcasm

4.   I watched Margaret which was mainly about people I hate played by people I love. John Sessions, who I am actually depressingly in love with, was brilliant. There was Nicholas Le Prevost! OMG Nicholas Le Prevost is great! Michael Cochrane as Alan Clarke made me LOL and Michael Maloney made a seriously creepy John Major! I always thought Major was just a grey boring man. Robert Hardy, as always, is made of awesome.

5.   I cried a little a lot when Wales lost in the Six Nations against France. I did a lot of shouting. I shout in a Welsh accent apparently. Weird.

Now I am going to bed...or going to surf the internet a little more, one of the two.