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Ashes to Ashes finished. I know it needed to be brought to a conclusion, it couldn’t go on forever but still I feel bereft. What am I going to do without it? I mean, it was a bit rough on my feminist side Gene Hunt...back seat of the Quattro...I think so, but I loved it so much. *sniffle*

Lost also finished. About bloody time. And on that note...what? I know I haven’t really been paying attention for like, a while now, but still...was it just me or did it answer practically nothing? I know a little ambiguity is intriguing (you’re talking to a fan of The Prisoner) but Bah. I may have to re-watch the whole thing from beginning to end when I have time.

I realised today that my Government, the ACTUAL one that runs my country RIGHT NOW, in my head goes a little like this:

David Cameron = Urquhart
George Osborne = Stamper
Nick Clegg = Sarah

Complete with weird triangular relationship and jealousy issues.

OMG people, I should not be thinking like this about important real life stuff! I blame [ profile] uk_lolitics. It is preventing me from taking this seriously. Plus the BBC keeps describing David Cameron and Nick Clegg as a couple! It’s driving me goddamn crazy! It makes me mad because I would love it if I didn’t dislike Cameron so very, very much. Cameron/Osborne all the way! (That way I dislike both the people in the ship equally).

I have been sort of fic writing. The thing is, we have the wedding of the century going on here at the moment (my friend would not have me describe it any other way), so I’ve been busy with real life...but this is good, happy real life so I’m down with that.

I bought some cowboy boots. They’re very sexy but, to paraphrase Bill Maher: ‘there are no cowboys, I’m wearing a costume!’

The weather has been very hot here. You know how bad we were during the cold weather? Well, we’re not very good in the heat either.

Beyond the fic prompts you guys gave me I also have more Star Trek fic in my head; an AU of This Side of Paradise where they actually stay on the planet with the HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE plant life and another, as yet directionless, S/Mc fic (which at the moment consists of random bits of smut that need shaping into some sort of story).

TL;DR? I get too emotionally invested in TV, I’m starting to view my country’s politics as a fandom, I have no style, and I’ve been writing porn.
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You've probably heard that Britain has gone Conservative...except that a bit of it is actually Liberal as well. No, we're not sure how that's gonna work either. We're new to this whole coalition malarkey.

David Cameron, our new *shudders* Prime Minister, is possibly a robot that Rupert Murdoch constructed in his basement and is currently being controlled by Margaret Thatcher.

Some have an alternate theory, that Margaret Thatcher is actually inside the robot and will burst out as soon as the Tories are totally settled.

I also suspect that Cameron made Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat...a party, not an insult) the Deputy PM just so he could seduce him. I think this will make George Osborne (the Chancellor and Cameron's boyfriend) very jealous. Methinks this will not end well.

I was gonna write a fill for a prompt over at the UK Politics meme about Evil Dictator!Cameron/Resistence Leader!Nick Clegg. It looks as if someone else is filling it. This is good, because I couldn't conceive of a Cameron with enough personality to be evil.

On a practically unrelated note, there's a Yes, Prime Minister play. I'm actually quite sick with excitement about that.

Completely unrelated, we were watching the Star Trek ep The City on the Edge of Forever. Liz dared me to run out into the road in the early hours of the morning and shout "KILLERS, ASSASSINS!" You wouldn't believe how sorely tempted I was to take her up on it. Not only would I get free booze but it would also annoy my neighbours, and that is a good enough excuse to do anything. Mind you, we had been drinking.

I want to write some fic. Any ideas? Fandoms? Pairings? Prompt me, darlings!
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For those not interested in the damp little island at the end of the world, there may (or may not) be fic tomorrow. Probably over at the fic journal, if I have the courage to actually post it.

For those not interest in any of the above...well, sorry.

(House of Cards gets no love icon-wise today because I am so very, very angry with the Conservatives.)