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Because more Python was needed!

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I watched the inauguration, which was actually good and not as waffly as political events tend to be.  Was it my imagination or was Aretha Franklin's song just God Save the Queen with different lyrics?  I was like, "isn't that our national anthem?"  Oh well.

I have an unhealthy relationship with politics, in that I love it and hate it in equal measures and despite the fact that it isn't good for me I'm drawn back like some political junkie.

That said, during my intensely crappy weekend I bought the Independent, which I do buy anyway on occassion, but this time it happened to contain the DVD of the Frost vs Nixon interviews which they've made that film about. It was good and informative (as I know very little about Watergate)and Nixon made me lol, but mostly I realised that I have a disturbing fetish for journalists (see also my Paxman obsession), and I spent the first ten minutes thinking "ooooh, young David Frost". I am just stupid.  Monumentally stupid. 

Anyway, no one is interested in this so I will stop talking now. I will also randomly post some pictures, because I'm in the mood for some python...


(with a melon!?)



(I love Michael)