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No, I haven't died/been abducted by aliens/put into witness protection etc.. I apologise for the absence which can only be described as a complete lack of attention. Life is okay (between boredom and worrying about the economy) and I've been meaning to come on here more often, but something petty always gets in the way. Boo, I wish there were more hours in the day.

I have been flirting with other Star Trek series *gasp*. I think one day I shall totally have to do a squee post about it, but for the moment I shall just say "squee" and leave it at that.

I have been writing. Occasionally. Posted below are some snippets of some Sherlock fics that I've been idly toying with over the past few months and a completed little House of Cards ficlet that I wrote on a whim while sitting on the bus. I know only posting snippets makes me an awful tease, but I figured that it's better than nothing. I do occasionally finish stuff XD

I still have to complete my M*A*S*H fic. I'm getting so close with it now, that I'm getting impatient with myself. Anywho, I'll quit jabbering now.

Sherlock (BBC) John/Mycroft )

Sherlock (BBC) Sherlock/Lestrade )

House of Cards )

So, how has everyone been? :D
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Today I was taking screencaps from The Thick of It (which, by the way, is about as easy as trying to thread a needle when drunk), when something caught my eye. Slightly relevent to (some of) our interests.

Cut because the image might appear bigger than I first thought and I don't want to mess up everyone's friend's page. )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] elaby!

Just swingin' by to wish you many happy returns and all that, and to drop of a little gift for you! 'Tis a humble little HoC fic offering. Some rare introspective moments from our favourite political thug.

It's November 1982 and Tim finds himself spending the weekend at Urquhart's country home )

*vanishes again*
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but this doesn't count! Well, much.

Oh, just watch this video and enjoy.

*geek flail*

BTW, if anyone feels the need to make a crack about the demise of Rover, I would respectfully ask you to save it. I'm a Longbridge dweller and didn't find it very amusing when suddenly half the people in my area were out of a job and without their pensions. Just FYI. Enjoy the video!
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as I promised myself that I would concentrate on other things; get a few plot bunnies working and such.

So you know the drill now. Image heavy...oh yeah and I should probably put a small Not Work Safe warning on this as well. Oh and spoilers yo!

House of Cards parts 2, 3 and 4 )
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and doing this actually made me feel a lot better. That and reading smutty fic.

My dissertation tutor finally returned my HoC DVD. Yes, I left the plastic bag full of unmarked notes in a bin at the college and my DVD was safely delivered into my arms.

So pic spam, image heavy so dial uppers (up diallers?) beware. There is a slight imbalance with the episodes, because I went a bit crazy with the first ep.

House of Cards part 1 )
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The last part of my prequel fic. On the 25th anniversary as well, although it's a complete coincident that I've completed it by this date.

Dramatic events save Urquhart from doing something he would ultimately regret.

Friday 12th October 1984 )
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Yes, the second part of my HoC fic, where I take British history and violate it for my own nefarious purposes.

On the night of a Tory landslide victory Urquhart and Stamper have a private conversation. The answer to the "does Urquhart know" question.

I apologise in advance for this ;)

Friday May 4th 1979 )
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The first part of the HoC fic that I mentioned a few days ago. Due to the smaller audience for this fandom I'm going to keep posting them here rather than at the fic journal. *shrugs* Yeah, I'm flighty.

Anywho, this is a series of prequels. A colleague of Urquhart's introduces him to a young, fresh faced backbencher. And so it begins.

Monday 9th September 1963 )
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I thought I'd post these now. I've got a ridiculously busy day tomorrow (or I should say today as it's gone 12) and I'm going to a party on the night so Lord knows what state I'll be in on Saturday. The rest of the weekend is busy as well so I probably won't be hanging out here again til next week. So these are for your delectation, my lovelies!

It was inevitable really.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The rest are HERE.

And I'll see you around! :D

Right so

Sep. 29th, 2009 09:53 am
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Now the madness is over let's have a little bit of pictorial relief (because I can't leave a job half finished).

Lots of images!

To Play the King (parts 3 & 4) )

I'm off to do some real life stuff now.
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Okay folks, here we go. Last chapter. I make no apologies for it, because I worked too damn hard on it.

So yeah, sexual content (but nothing graphic) and more angst than you can shake a stick at, if that's your idea of a good time.

He isn't her lover. She doesn't come here for love. )

In other news, I has a Twitter thingy now (which I set up then promptly forgot about). Anyone who has one follow me so I don't look like a loser!
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Yeah yeah, I know, I still have another chapter to post. But while I'm still 'umming and ahhing' over it like the picky, pedantic pain in the arse that I am I thought I'd do a pic spam. I've been threatening it for a while now.

To Play the King(parts 1 & 2) )
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Okay, so this is the second conversation between Tim and Sarah, following on from the first one I posted a few days ago. I quite enjoyed writing the totally messed up dynamic between these two.

Takes place after the "big reveal" so there's obviously spoilers. Also there is a discussion about John Staines, so a very sensitive issue is talked about in a very insensitive manner (because Tim is not a caring, sensitive guy).

What happens when your only friend is actually your enemy as well? )
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...but I'm gonna share it nonetheless. A wee friend of mine has been pestering me to write a House of Cards fic for her ever since she found out that I may have written some in the past. Last week I finally relented because she bribed me, and I will always write fics when bribed I'm a good friend.

My mission was: write three conversations we didn't see between Tim and Sarah.

She likes Sarah. We disagree a lot about Sarah. I wrote this anyway. She liked it.

This is the first conversation.

She just wants them to get along. Is that too much to ask? )
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I would be pleased except it isn't exciting real life stuff. It's just your average run-of-the-mill stuff that is getting in between me and my computer.

As a result of this I have been a bit rubbish at the whole LJ thing recently and my posting and commenting has been intermittent at best and completely absent at worst.

Still, I've had some time to myself in the past few days and I have managed to start on my new Holmes story, which, hopefully, will be a plotty little number dealing with emotions and legal grey areas. Oh and a healthy dose sexual tension of course ;)

My key concerns with this fic are trying to get the plot in order and trying to balance out the inevitable angst with some light humour. I just love writing.

Anywho, my dear, brilliant, ridiculously lovely f'listees, I will leave you with some goodies. First a Holmes fic (which is more of an overgrown drabble actually) and second a House of Cards (TPtK actually) mini-fic.

Holmes fic )

HoC fic - R for bad language )

More HoC

Aug. 11th, 2009 04:32 pm
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Since I posted part one yesterday I thought I should post the next bit as well, seeing as it rounds the thing off. Also you get a bonus little ficlet that I don't even recall writing, this time from Urquhart's POV and *gasp* written in first person! I thought at first that maybe it isn't mine but all the familiar hallmarks are there and it fits into the set.

I'm very amused by my rather obvious love affair with Richard III!

Cut to save the f'list )

Bonus fic )
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Last week was a big week of craziness! I can go for months without seeing some people and then suddenly they want to see me all the time. Oy.

I really wanted to write some fanfic last week but didn't have the time. Hopefully I might get something done this week. Unless more old school friends feel the desperate need for my company :)

Anywho, a few weeks ago I told [ profile] elaby about the House of Cards fic thing I wrote for a creative writing exercise years and years ago, detailing Stamper's view on events. Well, I then promptly forgot all about it until I a TV advert reminded me and I went and dug it out of my archive (it was on CD! How old must that be?). I was interested reading it, seeing how far I've actually come with my writing. I mean it's not bad like "My Immortal" or anything but I must only have been about sixteen or seventeen when I wrote it (maybe even younger).

Also, I thought it was first person but found out that I'd actually written it in restricted third person. I almost never write anything in first person.

I'm rather pleased with my take on the canon though.

Anyway, get on with Emma!

Read on )

For those not interested in this, I just saw an icon that made me laugh. It said "curiosity may or may not have killed Schrodinger's cat". I liked that.
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I should be doing something productive. I did this instead. [ profile] elaby gave me these five things to write about:

Holmes/Lestrade, Tim Stamper, Clive Merrison, icon-making, Russian!Holmes-and-Watson.

Lots of writing!

Holmes/Lestrade )

Tim Stamper )

Clive Merrison )

Icon-making )

Russian!Holmes and Watson )

tl;dr? I really like those five things!
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1. Have been procrastinating in a big way this holiday, despite the pressing urgency to get my dissertation written. Instead I have written a good deal of fanfiction, watched the entire box set of The Prisoner twice and played Playstation (something I only ever do when I'm avoiding work).

2. I found a great House of Cards reference on the interwebs today (whilst researching dissertation). Someone's signiture on a site (the name of which escapes me) said "all the best Prime Ministers have daddy issues." I love the fact that I'm enough of a dork to totally get that. I am going to yoink that for my own purposes.

3. Speaking of House of Cards, some kindly person has posted clips on YouTube. I was gonna post a few but this was the only one that didn't have HUGE GREAT BIG SPOILERS. Anyway, it's midly amusing and has Stamper being horrid in the way that only Stamper can. With every repeat viewing I love Stamper a little bit more, despite him being HORRIBLE! I have mental issues.

4. So reluctant am I to work I actually saw an episode of the new series of Through the Keyhole, which brought back some memories of childhood. Although throughout the whole programme I was distracted by David Frost's very very red socks. I am very easily distracted. Have started to realise that David Frost might be my favourite person.

I'm gonna attempt some work now...honestly! What, I am! Really!