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Yeah, they're in no way classics. Fun though in a "lets see how much shit we can blow up" sort of way. Anywho, yes, tonight I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Spoilers Yo! )

In other news I've eaten too many Haribo sweets and now I'm twitching like a junkie. This would be why I steer clear of sweets.
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Erm, okay... I went to see Frost/Nixon. Frank Langella was brilliant! Very intelligent, sympathetic performance. Michael Sheen...he's a great actor but I kept forgetting that he was supposed to be David Frost and not Tony Blair. He looks soooo much like young Tony Blair and precisely nothing like young David Frost (although I had to chuckle at the voice he put on occasionally). Also, the whole thing was a little too overdramatised for my liking. I don't consider it to be in the same league as Good Night, and Good Luck which is much slower, much calmer but at the end of the day, a much more powerful piece of cinema.

Other news...I wrote just over a thousand words for my dissertation. Now only another nine thousand to go. Gee, ain't life swell?

Now for some random pictures that I (for some reason) saved onto my hard drive today.

Hot 1940s German (non-Nazi) tottie, Conrad Veidt:


Alec Guinness as Hamlet...awww, adorable:


Last but by no means least, Vasily Livanov...who clearly knows that he's hot: