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I should be doing something productive. I did this instead. [ profile] elaby gave me these five things to write about:

Holmes/Lestrade, Tim Stamper, Clive Merrison, icon-making, Russian!Holmes-and-Watson.

Lots of writing!

Holmes/Lestrade )

Tim Stamper )

Clive Merrison )

Icon-making )

Russian!Holmes and Watson )

tl;dr? I really like those five things!
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that it's Vasily Livanov's birthday today.



Many happy returns and all that!
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Been working in an office. Office work sucks! I admire anyone who can work as an administrator and not go completely bonkers. Truly, they are the bravest and hardiest of our species and the Brits really excel at administration. If the French are a nation of waiters we are a nation of administrators. Administration saves the nation! (for the Yes, Minister fans).

Not this Brit though, I hate it. Hate hate hate it with all my soul. It pays the bills but it drains the intellect out of me. When I worked in an office full time a few years ago my IQ (admittedly not the best measure of true intelligence) actually went down a few points. I am chronically alergic to office work.

I do get Mondays and Fridays off though, so that's nice.

In other news, I have mostly been watching The West Wing and classic British comedy from when I was wee, some of which is still hilarious and some of which I can't actually believe I used to find funny. That's a bit sad, finding out the shows I remember with fondness where a mere load of old poop. Alas.

I've also been trying to articulate my thoughts on why I love The Ladykillers. So far I have OMG ALEC GUINNESS AND OTHER MEN I CAN SLASH HIM WITH!!!!11! That's about it. Not good enough really, but it might have to suffice.

Oh and the other day [ profile] ceilidh_ann did a post about what wallpaper you have on your computer and I uploaded the pic but never got round to posting because I never do today what I can put off until I'm nearly middle aged.

Under the Cut )

Oh well, must be off. Time and motion wait for no man.

Some Stuff

Mar. 23rd, 2009 07:53 pm
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Weekend was great. Went to my friends for Sunday lunch and there was loads of us there and we went on a trampoline and it was WICKED! (even though it made my friend's little girl sick).

That's why I was still up late doing my creative, because I'd been having fun. Shameful.


Some Holmes stuff )

Also, this:

David: Did you know that, like, everything in your username is spelled wrong?
Me: Why do you fail so hard? *headdesk*
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A few piccies of some people who I blither on about quite a bit. This time, looking a lot younger than usual.

Vasily Livanov...weird hair but OMG so cute!


And these little gems are from Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen. None other than Clive, hair!

Ahh!  Don't fall asleep on Doctor Who; something will attack you!


Told you so!


Ha! Angry Face.


This is also what Clive had to say about my favourite Doctor (Who):

"Patrick Troughton...for my money the best Doctor Who.  He had wit, he had weight, he had gravitas...he was sexy!"

Oh Clive...I love you. 

I had a dream I was married to him once.  I really need to stop listening to Sherlock Holmes at bedtime!

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Erm, okay... I went to see Frost/Nixon. Frank Langella was brilliant! Very intelligent, sympathetic performance. Michael Sheen...he's a great actor but I kept forgetting that he was supposed to be David Frost and not Tony Blair. He looks soooo much like young Tony Blair and precisely nothing like young David Frost (although I had to chuckle at the voice he put on occasionally). Also, the whole thing was a little too overdramatised for my liking. I don't consider it to be in the same league as Good Night, and Good Luck which is much slower, much calmer but at the end of the day, a much more powerful piece of cinema.

Other news...I wrote just over a thousand words for my dissertation. Now only another nine thousand to go. Gee, ain't life swell?

Now for some random pictures that I (for some reason) saved onto my hard drive today.

Hot 1940s German (non-Nazi) tottie, Conrad Veidt:


Alec Guinness as Hamlet...awww, adorable:


Last but by no means least, Vasily Livanov...who clearly knows that he's hot:


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So I am actually up watching the election. "Dear Lord why?" I hear you ask. Well, if the Americans really are going to elect a black President then I want to see it. I want to say that I saw a landmark moment. Obama '08!

That said though, I am a little bit knackered.

Other news:

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I am in love *sigh*