mymetalphantom: (Lovely lovely Steel)
I know this will probably interest no one but myself, but...

The Prisoner OMG,The Prisoner. There are no words for how much I love this programme! (I actually used several ! before I thought better of it).

I love The Prisoner because it makes me go "...what?" I love programmes that make me go "...what?" It's the same thing with Sapphire and Steel. I'm such a fan of cracky surrealism. Lost is the same, only that's dragging on a bit now and I kinda just wanna know the answer before I die.

I also love Patrick McGoohan's ability to act solely with his eyebrows! I love him quite a lot.

I love that there are OVERLY DRAMATIC bits like this:


*sigh* I have fully exhibited my geek credentials now, but oh, cracky sixties telly is LOVE!