May. 22nd, 2011 10:29 pm
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Oh, Colin. I love you baby, but your singing gives me wicked second hand embarrassment. That said, d'aww CUTE!

Also, LOL, the lyrics! Just...LOL.
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Colin Jeavons was in this morning's episode of "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?" on Radio 7. Being kidnapped by two young women. LOL.

Made me smile this morning. I do have a temperature though, of course.
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as I promised myself that I would concentrate on other things; get a few plot bunnies working and such.

So you know the drill now. Image heavy...oh yeah and I should probably put a small Not Work Safe warning on this as well. Oh and spoilers yo!

House of Cards parts 2, 3 and 4 )
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and doing this actually made me feel a lot better. That and reading smutty fic.

My dissertation tutor finally returned my HoC DVD. Yes, I left the plastic bag full of unmarked notes in a bin at the college and my DVD was safely delivered into my arms.

So pic spam, image heavy so dial uppers (up diallers?) beware. There is a slight imbalance with the episodes, because I went a bit crazy with the first ep.

House of Cards part 1 )
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So I've been tidying up these past few days, trying to get my house (and my computer) a little bit more organized. I've come to a conclusion. I collect too much stuff.

That isn't the point of this post.

Whilst cleaning out my computer files I found some pics that I know you would want me to share. A delightful little discovery!

Clickity )

I'm gonna get on with some more fic now. Tidying up has made me feel more energized.
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I thought I'd post these now. I've got a ridiculously busy day tomorrow (or I should say today as it's gone 12) and I'm going to a party on the night so Lord knows what state I'll be in on Saturday. The rest of the weekend is busy as well so I probably won't be hanging out here again til next week. So these are for your delectation, my lovelies!

It was inevitable really.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The rest are HERE.

And I'll see you around! :D

Right so

Sep. 29th, 2009 09:53 am
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Now the madness is over let's have a little bit of pictorial relief (because I can't leave a job half finished).

Lots of images!

To Play the King (parts 3 & 4) )

I'm off to do some real life stuff now.
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Yeah yeah, I know, I still have another chapter to post. But while I'm still 'umming and ahhing' over it like the picky, pedantic pain in the arse that I am I thought I'd do a pic spam. I've been threatening it for a while now.

To Play the King(parts 1 & 2) )

Pic Spam

Sep. 8th, 2009 07:27 pm
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After my complaining about some of my Lestrade screencaps not making great icons, [personal profile] elaby suggested I should post the screencaps as well.

What a smashing idea, and since I have nothing to do at the moment I thought I would do just that. Some of them I used, some of them were unco-operative in the icon making process. All of them are adorable. Unfortunately captions are not my forte.

Snippity )


Sep. 7th, 2009 02:16 pm
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Okay cats and kittens, I got some goodies for you!

I had precisely nothing to do today so I finished making my Lestrade icons.

As a bonus I also uploaded the Russian Holmes icons that have been clogging up my hard drive for like, ages!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The rest are HERE

Am I good to you guys or what?
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Okay, so I noticed that the meanies over at YouTube deleted The Avengers episode "A Touch of Brimstone" that some kind soul had put up, therefore spoiling one of my earlier squee posts. However, some other kind soul has put it back up again!

Cue my excuse to do another squee post.

Cut to save the f'list )
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Thanks to Liz who spotted it during her research into 80s British comedy.

I love the fact that I was the first person she thought about when she saw this.

Some slightly negative Jewish stereotyping at 5:05!

Man, I don't like that hairstyle.
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I should be doing something productive. I did this instead. [ profile] elaby gave me these five things to write about:

Holmes/Lestrade, Tim Stamper, Clive Merrison, icon-making, Russian!Holmes-and-Watson.

Lots of writing!

Holmes/Lestrade )

Tim Stamper )

Clive Merrison )

Icon-making )

Russian!Holmes and Watson )

tl;dr? I really like those five things!
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Been working in an office. Office work sucks! I admire anyone who can work as an administrator and not go completely bonkers. Truly, they are the bravest and hardiest of our species and the Brits really excel at administration. If the French are a nation of waiters we are a nation of administrators. Administration saves the nation! (for the Yes, Minister fans).

Not this Brit though, I hate it. Hate hate hate it with all my soul. It pays the bills but it drains the intellect out of me. When I worked in an office full time a few years ago my IQ (admittedly not the best measure of true intelligence) actually went down a few points. I am chronically alergic to office work.

I do get Mondays and Fridays off though, so that's nice.

In other news, I have mostly been watching The West Wing and classic British comedy from when I was wee, some of which is still hilarious and some of which I can't actually believe I used to find funny. That's a bit sad, finding out the shows I remember with fondness where a mere load of old poop. Alas.

I've also been trying to articulate my thoughts on why I love The Ladykillers. So far I have OMG ALEC GUINNESS AND OTHER MEN I CAN SLASH HIM WITH!!!!11! That's about it. Not good enough really, but it might have to suffice.

Oh and the other day [ profile] ceilidh_ann did a post about what wallpaper you have on your computer and I uploaded the pic but never got round to posting because I never do today what I can put off until I'm nearly middle aged.

Under the Cut )

Oh well, must be off. Time and motion wait for no man.
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Yeah, I'm in a good mood today for several reasons. There's nothing more to add except that I hope the good mood extends to the weekend as well.

Thought certain people on the f'list might be amused by this clip from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, specifically the...odd looking gentleman at 6.00:

There's supposed to be more but for some reason they've cut it out of this clip *grumbles* Still makes me chuckle though ;)
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Some kinda fannish things under the cut

Snip Snip )

Note to self: Don't play your guitar for nearly an hour then straight afterwards put your hands in hot water. Because that stings like a fucker.
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Yeah, okay so that line comes from House of Cards which I am currently writing my dissertation about.

The programme is being shown on the channel 'Yesterday' (which is new, or used to be called UKTV History or something). That means that almost every other advert on cable at the moment is for this programme. So my TV is actually reminding me to get on with my work. How about that? And people say that British TV is irresponsible!

I mainly felt rather chuffed that Colin J got in on the advert too. He plays a wonderfully horrible character in this programme.   



He's so horrible in it.  I love him.
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...otherwise known as skiving off.

But I was trawling YouTube (as you do when researching a dissertation...ahem) and I found episodes of The Avengers and OMG I forgot how much I love The Avengers. John Steed was totally the first object of my grown up fantasies.

A Touch of Brimstone is the most amazing thing (despite the sexism) for three reasons...Steed's tight trousers is the first and actually most boring reason I love this ep.

The second reasons...Mrs Peel looking like this:


I love her!

The third...Colin Jeavons OMG! Demonstrating his awesome in this clip by being adorably drunk at 1.53 and adorably hungover at 6.05. I love him more!

He's also in The Winged Avenger being cute in colour!


And in this episode he's a little bit crazy as shown in this clip at 4.38. I also love the way Mrs Peel walks in on them fighting like little girls at 5.23.

Ah, The Avengers is so special to me.