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...that it's Clive Merrison's birthday today.

So happy birthday!

I love this guy. He'll always be the voice of Sherlock Holmes in my head.

Some pretty rubbish pics that I stole from the Internets )
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Last night was open mic night at the Yardbird in Birmingham city centre. Lots of fun. Some good music and good company. Wonderful.

Anywho, this is what I really came here to post. A friend of mine reminded me of the "Animated Tales" versions of Shakespeare plays that we were shown at school. We talked a lot about how wonderfully disturbing the Macbeth one was (I totally love Macbeth!).

Do you need spoiler warnings for this sort of thing?

Recognise Macduff's voice?

Also on looking into these animated tales a little I discovered that Hamlet is voiced by Nicholas Farrell! I found that jolly amusing.

In other news, I actually took a copy of the Metro newspaper off the bus solely because it had pictures of Vladimir Putin topless horse riding. That qualifies as fairly dodgy behaviour, right?

I need a Shakespeare icon.


Jul. 30th, 2009 11:12 pm
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Well taking painkillers in advance has not stopped illness in it's tracks. Feeling blah to say the least. Own fault I suppose. Unhealthy living. Sleeping too little, drinking too much, not getting enough...vitamins...I don't know...whatever.

Anywho, temperature is making sleep impossible and when I do manage to drift off I have trippy dreams.

Whilst being a geek on the internet today I found some interesting piccies.



I'm almost ashamed to admit that they raised my temperature a little further. Note that I say almost ashamed. Fangirls have no shame. Ill ones even less.

Pics are from Henry VIII and his Six Wives.

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I should be doing something productive. I did this instead. [ profile] elaby gave me these five things to write about:

Holmes/Lestrade, Tim Stamper, Clive Merrison, icon-making, Russian!Holmes-and-Watson.

Lots of writing!

Holmes/Lestrade )

Tim Stamper )

Clive Merrison )

Icon-making )

Russian!Holmes and Watson )

tl;dr? I really like those five things!
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I am actually in love with Clive Merrison:

How did Sylvester McCoy measure up to Patrick Troughton?

"They were two very different kinds of actor. Sylvester came from a comic tradition, I suppose... He was a very funny man, whereas Pat was a sexy one. He was a sexy Doctor. Sylvester wasn't sexy. Some people say that you've got to be sexy on TV. Sylvester had other fine qualities, but he wasn't sexy. He wasn't Pat Troughton."

-Clive Merrison in DWM

Oh, oh, oh!
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Some kinda fannish things under the cut

Snip Snip )

Note to self: Don't play your guitar for nearly an hour then straight afterwards put your hands in hot water. Because that stings like a fucker.
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A few piccies of some people who I blither on about quite a bit. This time, looking a lot younger than usual.

Vasily Livanov...weird hair but OMG so cute!


And these little gems are from Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen. None other than Clive, hair!

Ahh!  Don't fall asleep on Doctor Who; something will attack you!


Told you so!


Ha! Angry Face.


This is also what Clive had to say about my favourite Doctor (Who):

"Patrick Troughton...for my money the best Doctor Who.  He had wit, he had weight, he had gravitas...he was sexy!"

Oh Clive...I love you. 

I had a dream I was married to him once.  I really need to stop listening to Sherlock Holmes at bedtime!

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So, I was watching Foyle's War and I hear a voice that sounds remarkably familiar. I look up and's Clive Merrison! The voice from my dreams! OMG!YAY! He was playing a very disagreeable doctor man but I didn't care, it was Clive. I love Clive.

Then, I see a few minutes later the Nicholas Le Prevost is in it too. This is the best episode ever! Plus, Michael Kitchen in black tie. was like the episode was made just for me.

I am such a loser!

Anyways, I actually have a lecture tomorrow (one lecture a week, I really don't know what I'm paying all that money for!) so I should get to bed now.

Nighty night