mymetalphantom: (STTOS...Spock/McCoy...swooning is)
There was discussion of fluffy illness fic, remember? My first draft is done but it isn't what I wanted. I'm now beginning to angst over it, which makes the writing much less fluffy, which in turn causes more angst. I'm trapped in a big ol' vicious circle. I really need to learn not to be an uptight pain in the arse when it comes to writing, because in all other aspects of life I'm actually rather mellow and relaxed. XD

Do you also remember me talking about drabbles? I wrote some. They're Star Trek drabbles. I'm not sold on them as drabbles but I like the premise of some of them, so I might develop them later on when I have time. There were more, but these were the only ones I didn't completely hate. (I'm posting them basically because I have nothing left to do for the rest of the day XD)

S/Mc is SO MUCH FUN to write )